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“A good photo is a photo
that you look at for more than a second.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Wedding Photography.

Emotionale Hochzeitsfotos in den Bergen im Allgäu

Moments for Eternity

“We don’t know any photographer who shoots with more passion, joy and so much attention to detail. Our wedding photos move us to tears every time.”

Irretrievable Wedding Photos

Besides the rings, your wedding photos are the only thing that will last. Even your grandchildren will still look at your photos and be happy about how gorgeous you looked on your big day.

Your wedding photos as a lasting memory

These beautiful moments from your wedding will be a part of your day forever – for generations to come. It doesn’t matter if you celebrate alone or with many guests.

On your special day, together we will capture the emotion and happiness as well as all your loved ones in unforgettable wedding photos. From Getting Ready, First Look, Wedding Ceremony, Champagne Reception, Couple Shooting to the last dance at your celebration – I am looking forward to your personal love story, because every wedding is as unique as your love….

Let me guess…

You want to see your real emotions in your wedding photos.

You want unique photos of your wedding, but don’t want to be hours away from your guests.

You want to have enough instructions for your couple photos for beautiful poses that it feels natural and not posed.

You want to celebrate your wedding day with your loved ones and enjoy every single moment of the celebration.

You want a photographer with experience who will capture your wedding professionally with photos or video, but who will also blend into your company like a friend and share a tear of joy at special moments.

Then get in touch with me and let’s talk

Your Wedding Photos.
Braut und Bräutigam streifen Hand in Hand durch eine Wiese in den Garmischer Alpen vor dem KreuzjochhausBräutigam nimmt seine Frau an die Hand und läuft mit ihr auf einer Wiese in Tirol auf den Bergen
Hochzeitsfotos in Garmisch in den Bergen

Dear words from my Clients

Awesome Wedding Photos and amazing Wedding Video


We are beyond happy about our beautiful wedding photos and the terrific wedding video! Anna is straightforward, super nice & very professional. We felt very comfortable with her from the beginning. The photo shoots were totally informal and a lot of fun. Anna captures the mood and emotions really great and has an eye for detail. Each wedding photo is beautiful and unique.

Gorgeous Wedding Photos


Thank you for your great work and beautiful wedding photos that always remind us of the wonderful celebrations and moments. Thank you for accompanying us so often. Whether it was at our wedding, where you sewed up my hoop skirt briefly in addition to taking photos. Anna is always on hand, has great ideas and everyone is so excited about the photos every time. The wedding video was also a special highlight. Our two girls beam every time we show it to them.

So highly recommended.


We had with the dear Anna our family shooting after our civil wedding. My husband and I are not photogenic at all, but the pictures are insane, suddenly we were photogenic. Anna simply drew us out with her calm, kind and funny manner. It has become quite naturally beautiful pictures. Not this typical coquettish grin into the camera.

Braut und Bräutigam laufen Hand und Hand auf dem Gipfel im Schnee in schwarz weiß

Your Wedding - Your Big Day

“She was there to help and advise us – Anna was more of one than a photographer. She was like a friend on our wedding day.”

More than just wedding photos

As a wedding photographer, I am of course not only in Weilheim on the road. Many of my couples come from the region around Munich, Lake Starnberg or even from Garmisch. My heart region are of course also the mountains in the beautiful Allgäu or the Zugspitz region in our unique Alps.

I follow you to your heart place

But in the end it is your story – your wedding, and the wedding location must fit you. To you and your story. I follow you to where heart day takes place.

My style stands for authentic and above all emotional wedding reportages that are everything – but posed. Because these real wedding reportages are my whole passion.

Wedding photos and wedding video

With me you can also book the combination of photographer and video. My husband will then accompany me as a videographer to your wedding. Together we are a well-coordinated team and offer you everything from one hand.

Get in Touch.
Brautpaar schaut aus dem Fenster kurz vor der standesamtlichen Hochzeit auf der ZugspitzeGetting Ready vom Bräutigam - Mann schließt die ManschettenknöpfeAuthentische Hochzeitsfotos am Starnberger SeeBraut und Bräutigam laufen durch ein FeldEinzigartige Hochzeitsfotos am Herzogstand in den Alpen

Your Wedding Video

24 frames per second, 1,440 frames per minute – All the highlights of your dream wedding in moving pictures

Emotions in moving Pictures

As you can imagine, wedding photography is my absolute passion and I really can’t imagine anything more beautiful. But to review this wonderful day again and again later, it takes time. You can browse through your photo album in peace or simply look through the emotional photos of your wedding.

Your wedding video – the day in a few minutes

Together with my husband we are the perfect combination for photo and video for your wedding. He will film and create your personal wedding movie with the highlights of the whole day.

And the best thing about it: together we know how each other works. We complement each other perfectly – so that none of your wonderful moments will be lost. We can be booked together and are a well-coordinated team. This means we can offer you both wedding photos and wedding video from a single source.

No hour-long wedding videos

As the name suggests, our videos of your wedding are not hour-long films, as they used to be made on every vacation. Where afterwards uncles and aunts and all relatives were allowed to come over and then watch the vacation together again in several hours.

The videos of your wedding from us are usually between five and seven minutes long. Beautiful, personal, funny – a film of your wedding that you can watch again and again.

We want you to be proud of it and want to show it to the whole world. We want you to relive your day over and over again when you see the beautiful moments.

Your Highlightvideo.
Einmalige Fotos nach der Hochzeit in den Garmischer Alpen bei Schnee / Hochzeitsfotos ZugspitzeBrautpaar wandert im Schnee nach der Hochzeit / HochzeitsreportageBrautpaarfotos auf der Zugspitze

Wedding Photo Stories

Braut und Bräutigam auf dem Weg zu den Hochzeitsfotos in den Weinbergen rund um Pinzano

Wedding in South Tyrol

Wedding Photos

The wedding photos and the highlight video of the wedding in the mountains of South Tyrol in the Pinzonerkeller were really something special…

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Emotionale Hochzeitsfotos auf der Zugspitze | Authentische Hochzeitsreportage in den Garmischer Alpen

Getting married on the Zugspitze

Wedding Photos

A small wedding on the Zugspitze. I was so happy when I got the request from Daniela and Marc. Here I take you to an emotional wedding in the snow….

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Braut und Bräutigam laufen über die Straßenbahnschiene in München

Wedding photography in Munich

Wedding Photos

Originally planned as a free wedding ceremony, we spontaneously switched to the city of Munich for these wedding photos due to the weather forecast. And it was worth it.

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Hochzeitsfotograf // Traumhochzeit am Tegernsee

Wedding at the Tegernsee

Wedding Photos

As with many wedding couples in the Corona era, Lake Tegernsee had only become their wedding location by chance. Nevertheless, was gorgeous celebration in a beautiful setting.

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Braut in weißem Kleid mit Chucks steht auf Skateboard

Skater Wedding

Wedding Photos

Have you ever thought about taking very unusual wedding photos? For example, with your skateboard? What an exciting wedding photo shoot that was.

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Hochzeitsfotograf in Penzberg / Hochzeit am Gut Hub

Wedding photographer in Penzberg

Wedding Photos

The wedding in Garmisch at the Pflegersee was already planned – but with Corona it should come differently. Nevertheless, the two had a beautiful civil wedding in Penzberg…

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Braut mit Brautstrauß und Hochzeitsdirndl mit Bräutigam in Lederhose / Hochzeit in Bad Kohlgrub

Wedding in Bad Kohlgrub

Wedding Photos

Due to Corona, the two had to postpone their wedding. But even the date was almost on the verge. In the end, however, they were lucky and the two were able to get married in Bad Kohlgrub.

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Hochzeitsfotos im Schnee mit wunderschönem Bergpanorama bei Murnau

Winter wedding in Murnau

Wedding Photos

A wedding as a surprise – quite spontaneously and surprisingly, the bride was proposed to just before the wedding in Murnau. I was already quite curious how she would react.

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Hochzeitsfotos auf dem Moped

Wedding photos in Weilheim

Wedding Photos

What a great idea to take the restored Zündapp as a vehicle for the wedding…. The result was beautiful emotional photos in traditional costume with the moped.

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Braut und Bräutigam streifen Hand in Hand durch eine Wiese in den Garmischer Alpen vor dem Kreuzjochhaus

Wedding at Kreuzjochhaus

Wedding Photos

My heart beats faster at every wedding in the mountains. So also at this beautiful and emotional celebration on the Kreuzjochhaus in the Garmisch Alps.

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Hochzeitsfotos am Weiher in der Nähe Bernried am Starnberger See

Garden wedding

Wedding Photos

Despite Corona, the two simply got married in a small setting and then celebrated beautifully and in a small setting in their garden in Bernried on Lake Starnberg.

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Brautpaar küsst sich mit Corona Schutzmaske und Mütze

Wedding during Corona in Murnau

Wedding Photos

A wedding during the Corona pandemic. Despite restrictions and with mask we were able to take such beautiful wedding photos in the Murnauer Moos.

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Bräutigam lehnt seinen Kopf an die Schulter seiner zukünftigen Frau in Tracht bei Weilheim

Civil wedding in traditional dress

Wedding Photos

In the closest family circle, this sweet couple celebrated their civil wedding in traditional costume in Weilheim. I just love this Bavarian tradition so much.

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Wunderschöne Hochzeitsfotos mit Schirm bei Regen

Rain on the wedding day

Wedding Photos

Again and again my couples are afraid of bad weather at the wedding, because then you supposedly can not take good wedding photos. But this does not have to be.

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Bräutigam umarmt seine Braut bei der freien Trauung im Garten

Free wedding ceremony in nature

Wedding Photos

Have you ever thought about throwing everything “traditional” overboard at your wedding? Then a free wedding ceremony in nature is just the right thing.

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Braut und Bräutigam trotzen Schneesturm bei winterlichen Bedingungen auf dem Berg

Winter wedding in the mountains

Wedding Photos

Wow – what amazingly beautiful wedding photos in the mointains. Actually, there is no right weather for such photos: even winter and snow in the mountains makes for extraordinary moments.

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Braut und Bräutigam lachen ausgelassen mit ihren Trauzeugen

Wedding at Lake Starnberg

Wedding Photos

Beautiful wedding photos of a free wedding ceremony directly on the shore of Lake Starnberg followed by a celebration in Murnau. What can I say – I am still blown away.

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Braut und Bräutigam auf der Brücke vor der Kirche am Kloster Seeon in der Nähe von Schloss Amerang am Chiemsee

Wedding at Amerang Castle

Wedding Photos

Have your own wedding at a castle… Exactly this dream was fulfilled last year by Christoph and Sabine at Amerang Castle on Lake Chiemsee. And I was allowed to accompany them as a photographer.

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Hochzeitsfotos vor dem Kamin im Alpenhof in Murnau

Getting married at Christmas time in Murnau

Wedding Photos

Getting married at Christmas time – two such emotional moments so close together. Together we took beautiful and authentic wedding photos at the Alpenhof in Murnau.

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Bräutigam nimmt seine Frau an die Hand und läuft mit ihr auf einer Wiese in Tirol auf den Bergen

Wedding photos in the mountains

Wedding Photos

A wedding in the mountains in Austria – what could be more beautiful. In the midst of the beautiful nature in Tyrol I was allowed to make together with the couple their emotional wedding photos.

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Braut und Bräutigam laufen Hand in Hand auf einem Feldweg beim Gut Kerschlach

Wedding at Gut Kerschlach

Wedding Photos

Get married at Gut Kerschlach – in the middle of nature. Beautifully situated between Starnberg and Weilheim, it is the perfect location for an undisturbed wedding celebration.

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Bräutigam ist nach der Trauung am Staffelsee gerührt und nimmt seine Frau in den Arm

Wedding photos at Staffelsee

Wedding Photos

A beautiful wedding in traditional dress at Staffelsee… how I love these small but nice civil weddings, where only the closest circle of friends and family are present.

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Braut lässt ihr weißes Kleid im Wind wehen

Wedding photographer at Lake Starnberg

Wedding Photos

I always look forward to such special weddings, like this one at Lake Starnberg. The groom in sneakers and the old Cadillac were a real eye-catcher.

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Boho Trauung mit Trauben in der Natur und Alpakas

Photo shoot with alpacas

Wedding Photos

Every one of us has seen or heard of alpacas. But have you ever thought about letting these great animals participate in your wedding?

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Hochzeit Fotograf am Riegsee - Brautpaar steht am See mit Bergen im Hintergrund

Wedding photos at the Riegsee near Murnau

Wedding Photos

A beautiful wedding at the Riegsee near Murnau. Emotional moments reduced to the essentials. A complete wedding coverage simply in black and white.

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Brautpaar schaut sich nach der Trauung an - Wunderschöne Kulisse vor dem Schloss Höhenried am Starnberger See

Wedding at Höhenried Castle

Wedding Photos

Höhenried Castle with its beautiful parks is one of my favorite places not only for me as a photographer. It is the perfect place for a dream wedding.

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Bräutigam fährt seine Braut auf dem Fahrrad - Hochzeitsfotos am Gögerl in Weilheim

Wedding photos at the Gögerl

Wedding Photos

What a great idea: The old bicycle from the pre-war period is still used daily and should therefore accompany the two on the wedding day.

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Bräutigam in Tracht umarmt seine Braut in Dirndl

Wedding photos in traditional dress

Wedding Photos

Marrying in traditional dress – many of my couples marry exactly like this at their civil wedding. Only at the church wedding then follow the white wedding dress under wedding suit.

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Hochzeitspaar sitzt in Brautauto - Alfa Romeo Oldtimer

Wedding in Hochschloß Pähl

Wedding Photos

This boho wedding at Hochschloss Pähl was really a highlight. All these beautiful details, lovingly handcrafted by the bride and groom and their hardworking helpers…

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Boho Hochzeitspaar steht vor Traubogen mit Bergpanorama im Allgäu

Gorgeous boho wedding in Allgäu region

Wedding Photos

What awesome wedding photos in boho style in the Allgäu. And this gorgeous location with the mountain panorama and with this amazing couple…. I am still totally in love with these photos.

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Braut und Bräutigam stehen für ihre Hochzeitsfotos auf einem Steg und schauen auf den Ammersee

Wedding photos at the Ammersee

Wedding Photos

After an emotional wedding in Bobingen near Augsburg, Marina and Fabian went on to gorgeous wedding photos at Ammersee. This variety of photos is simply stunning.

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Hochzeitsfotos in Tracht in eine Feld bei Fürstenfeldbruck

Wedding in traditional clothing in Fürstenfeldbruck

Wedding Photos

What a beautiful and emotional wedding in traditional clothing in Fürstenfeldbruck. After the wedding ceremony, we immediately went on to emotional photos in nature.

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Hochzeitsfotos in München über dem Marienplatz

Wedding in Munich City Hall

Wedding Photos

A wedding in the Munich with wedding photos above the Marienplatz are something special. So is the subsequent celebration in the English Garden…

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