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“A good photo is a photo
that you look at for more than a second.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Family Photography.

Einzigartige, authentische und ungestellte Familienfotos in der Nähe von Starnberg

Family is everything – True happiness.

“From the first minute we felt comfortable – and the photos reflect it. It’s a moment as a family that’s a joy to remember.”

Irretrievable Family Photos

“Wow – the shoot was really fun. The kids were on fire and it was totally relaxed.”

You’ve always wanted family photos that reflect you, your uniqueness and your character? One family prefers to be crazy and wild – the other more cuddly. That’s why no two photo shoots are the same.

Unique family photos

During your family photo shoot, you will be the center of attention. Because the most important thing is that the pictures become as you are.

Even before the family photo shoot, we get to know each other so I know exactly who you are and what makes you tick. Together we will then have a lot of fun at our meeting – your photo shoot with the whole family will be an experience.

Photos as an everlasting memory

Afterwards, you can hang up these high-quality and unique family photos as exclusive prints, e.g. at home, or browse through them again in a photo album many years from now.

Nothing makes me happier when I know that the pictures have found a very special place at home with you.

Your Family Pictures.
Detailfoto beim Familienshootig im Murnauer MoosTraumhafte und professionelle Familienfotos in MurnauUngezwungene Familienfotos mit kleinen Kindern in Weilheim
Papa hält Sohn im Arm bei Familienfotos an der Ammer

Dear words from my Clients

Always thrilled


We had with Anna recently our second photo shoot and were again very excited. This time we have chosen a beautiful place together in nature and the photos have become really great. Anna has a very pleasant, sympathetic nature and can also super with children. She is very patient and it’s just fun. The pictures do not look posed but authentic. Thank you again. Always again with pleasure…

There is no such thing as bad weather!


After a conversation, Anna suggested two locations that suited us 100%. Unfortunately, we had bad weather and I quite panic that the family shoot literally “falls into the water”. Anna gave me a good talking to and was prepared for all eventualities. And she was right. Arriving at the location, the sun flashed out. She is super personable and immediately captivated us all. The kids immediately trusted her and even our grandpa, who likes to look grim, had a smile on his lips.

So highly recommended.


We had with the dear Anna our family shooting after our civil wedding. My husband and I are not photogenic at all, but the pictures are insane, suddenly we were photogenic. Anna simply drew us out with her calm, kind and funny manner. It has become quite naturally beautiful pictures. Not this typical coquettish grin into the camera.

Family Photos in the Nature

“Our family photo shoot in nature with wild boys was fun, entertaining and the pictures are fantastic.”

Your moments in nature

For your family photoshoot, I have many beautiful locations from which you can choose the right place of your heart. Whether in the forest, on the mountain or at a lake: Many offer several different possibilities within a short walking distance for very versatile photos. It doesn’t matter whether we meet in Starnberg, Garmisch or somewhere in between.

Each location has something special

Each of these locations also has that special something for your kids, so we can take photos of you and your family in a playful and fun atmosphere. Most of the time the kids don’t even realize that we are actually doing a photo shoot.

Are we done with our photos yet?

Because my photo shoots with families are a very special experience, I am even quite often invited afterwards by the children to play. Even at photo shoots in kindergartens, I am often recognized and greeted with joy. These are the moments when my heart swells as well.

Because when everyone is having fun, you also get your unique family photos.

Let's Talk.
Fröhliche und ungestellte Kinderfotos - Mädchen lacht in die Kamera

Your Questions

Information around your Family Photos

Here you can find the first information about your family photos. If you have more questions, you are of course welcome to contact me.

Questions & Answers

What do we do in bad weather?

Basically, a few raindrops should not stop us from a family shoot. You know how much fun our kids have jumping in puddles – and such laughter is absolutely worth its weight in gold on the photos. But if it’s raining cats and dogs, we’ll find a new date for you.

Where can we take family photos?

Of course we can take family photos wherever you feel comfortable – whether in Munich, Starnberg, Murnau or Garmisch.
Everywhere there are beautiful spots like a forest, a river or even a lake. Do you have a favorite place? I, too, am always happy to get to know new places.

How much time do we have to plan for our family photos?

Because of me, I could do family shoots like this for hours. It’s important to me that we all laugh together and have fun. So you don’t even notice how fast the time flies. But usually such a photo shoot goes between one and one and a half hours – depending on how long your children join in.

Contact me.

Unique Moments

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