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“A good photo is a photo
that you look at for more than a second.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Coachings for Photographers.

Coaching für Fotografen - Online oder im 1:1 Gespräch in meinem Fotostudio in Weilheim

Photography and Passion

Better Together

In the past, I definitely didn’t want to be self-employed. And now? Now I say it was the best thing that could have happened to me.

I have been a passionate photographer for many years now and have been able to increase my sales every year since the beginning. In the meantime I have my own photo studio with over 100 m², in which I have also integrated a separate coaching area.

I love the versatility in the photography business. My heart beats for the many emotions at weddings. I love to see families grow: from baby bumps, to incredibly amazing newborn photography, to family photography.

Another division I also love and am passionate about is nursery photography.

My dream job was to be a teacher. I have always loved teaching people and am on fire to pass on my knowledge and help them grow.

In my “previous” life I was an education supervisor, have had several long term interns as a photographer and love watching people grow.

In my team we have a combined knowledge and specialists from many fields.

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Geballtes Wissen in verschiedenen Bereichen, um dein Fotografie Business auf das nächste Level zu heben
You would like to evolve?

Our combined knowledge for you

We can cover the following areas for you with our team and other coaches


  • Finding unique selling points in the photo business
  • Further education in the field of newborn / baby bump / kindergarten / wedding
  • Professional photo editing


  • Analysis of your website
  • Optimization of your homepage
  • Improving your visibility
  • Attracting your ideal customers


  • Tips and tricks for setting up your photo business
  • Safe and direct start into self-employment
  • Avoid mistakes right from the start
  • Start directly and avoid detours


  • Joint optimization of your processes
  • Strategy development for customer acquisition
  • Recognition of stumbling blocks in your future development
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You often wonder...

…why you work and work and feel like you’re going in circles?
…how you can increase your sales?
…why you are stuck in your old beliefs?
…how to implement all your ideas when you have no time?
…how you can make your business feel easy again?

Your 1:1 Coaching.
Besser werden und schneller ans Ziel kommen als Fotograf durch intensives Coaching

For many years I struggled through on my own, often working late into the night doing my job. I can tell you from personal experience that the first step to ease is having someone to help you.

I would have loved to have this shortcut and support through intensive coaching much earlier in my business.

Individual and focused on your questions

Your 1:1 Coaching

You are at the beginning of your self-employment and are overwhelmed with all the issues such as taxes, small business, etc.? Or are you already a photographer with regular sales and would like to take the next step?

In individual coaching sessions I will help you with the implementation of your topics or bring you and your business to the next level. It is especially important to me that we don’t work through an ordinary coaching concept, but that we respond individually to you and your wishes.

In a first meeting we will discuss how I can help you and develop you further. It is also important for me to find out what you envision for your personal coaching and what your expectations are.

My team is very broadly positioned in many areas, in order to be able to care for you individually.

Be it questions around the foundation of your photo business, the step out of your small business, the change of your mindset or questions and tips around photography. For each area we have a specialist at hand.

Your coaching will be tailored to you. We can also determine the length of your coaching together. Be it a coaching over one day or a 1:1 accompaniment over several months.

In the end YOU decide what is the right next step for you.

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