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“A good photo is a photo
that you look at for more than a second.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Couple Photography.

Cuddling together, laughing together.

Couple photos – Those special moments, the tingling in the belly, the first moments together…

Irretrievable Couple Photos

Together we will create memories that uniquely capture your special moments and love.

Time together for two

The couple photo shoot is not just a photo session: it’s a time for you to spend together as a couple all by yourselves. The love that shines between the two of you will be visible in each of your photos.

Pure romance

Have you considered that a couple shooting can also be more – for example, an unforgettable start to a romantic evening. These moments will stay with you forever as a wonderful memory of a magical evening for two.

Engagement photos or engagement photos

Your engagement is a significant step in your journey as a couple. Through engagement photos, you can preserve this unique moment forever. They capture the sparkle in your eyes as you say yes to each other, and capture the anticipation of your future together.

You can then use the photos right away for your wedding invitation cards. Your loved ones will be thrilled with these pictures.

A gift for eternity

Give away your love in the form of a beautiful canvas with your couple photos. These moments will become precious memories not only for you, but also for your family and friends. Every look at this canvas will remind you how strong your love is and how special your relationship is.

Your Couple Photos.
Traumhafte Paarfotos im Allgäu am Schloß Neuschwanstein bei SonnenuntergangEmotionale Paarfotos bei wunderschöner Abendsonne in der Nähe vom Starnberger See

Engagement Photos

“It’s so nice to be with her – Anna is always emotionally involved. Every now and then a tear flows even with her. There is no photo that is not possible with her!”

Drop me a text.
Paarshooting am Tegelberg im AllgäuPaarfotos im Sommer in den AlpenPaar Fotos - Sonnenstrahlen - Glücklich - Emotional - Authentisch - Fotograf Weilheim

Dear words from my Clients

Couple Photo Shoot with our dog


We have already had four photo shoots together with Anna! From couple photoshoot with dog, wedding photos to baby photoshoot.
It is so pleasant with her – Anna is always emotionally fully involved. Every now and then a tear flows even with her. There is no photo that is not possible with her!
I would book Anna again at any time. The photos are gigantic! Top top top!!!

We have felt super comfortable


We were accompanied by Anna on our special day. The pictures turned out so incredibly beautiful, not posed, great light, very natural. We felt mega comfortable in the couple shoot! The time just flew by. We are looking forward to more shootings.

Couple Fotos - Paarfotos auf einer Decke von oben

Your Questions

Information about your Couple Photos

You have questions about my couple photos? Here you can find first answers. Otherwise, let’s just talk – just call or write me.

Questions & Answers

What should we wear for our couple photos?

This is one of the most common questions before a couple shoot. After booking, you will receive a guide from me, in which I will give you tips and tricks about the clothes. Basically, you should wear what you feel comfortable in. Color-wise, you should coordinate with each other or match each other. You should also avoid gaudy patterns and colors.

We have no experience and have never done this.

It’s not a question, but the point always comes up. My simple answer is: But hello – to be able to take natural and authentic couple photos, you don’t need any (pre-)experience. None of my couples have been models before – and they are all mega happy with their photos.

Where can we take couple photos?

You can either choose a photoshoot location from my selected list – or we can go to your heart’s place. Special couple photos can of course also be taken in my photo studio.

What do we do in bad weather?

Bad weather starts when it’s raining cats and dogs. Single raindrops are usually not seen on your photos. And if it really rains during the photo shoot: I don’t mind. And have you ever thought about how extraordinary such photos can be?

Can we also photograph somewhere undisturbed?

Of course, I know many very special photo locations that are very quiet and almost undisturbed. In special places, such as the Zugspitze or the Eibsee, it is often unavoidable that we have “spectators”. But believe me: together with me you will be able to “let go” so much in your couple shooting that you won’t notice it at all.

Do you also do engagement shoots?

Well hello, what a question. I love those very intimate moments when you are overcome by your emotions. And especially there it is important that you can absolutely rely on me as a photographer – because these moments at an engagement shoot are irretrievable.

And what about marriage proposals?

Well, sure. Those are at least as emotional as engagement shoots. And I love them.

Let's Talk.

Unique Moments

Paarfotos als Geschenk zu Weihnachten oder zum Geburtstag

Couple Photos as a Present

Couple Photos

Give the gift of love with an individual couple shoot. A unique surprise for your loved ones that will create lasting memories…

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Hundeeltern mit ihrem Hund beim Fotoshooting

Christmas couple photos

Couple Photos

These beautiful couple photos of Sandra and Marius together with their dog were taken during my Christmas campaign…. I just have to show them to you.

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Paar Fotos in der Natur Gutschein

Couple Photos in the Forest

Couple Photos

For me, couple photos in nature as a photographer are always very special. Because my couples always take me on their own personal journey here….

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Verliebtes Paar schaut sich innig an - Couple sitzt auf Baumstumpf am Fuße eines Berges im Allgäu

Couple photos in the Allgäu

Couple Photos

These couple photos were an absolute highlight for me, because the two came especially for the photos with me from near Frankfurt to the beautiful Allgäu.

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Paarfotos auf dem Berggipfel bei Schnee Allgäu

Couple Photo Shoot on the Tegelberg

Couple Photos

The most beautiful thing about winter is simply the snow. Marius, Sandra and I planned a beautiful couple shoot that day, but unfortunately the fog hung deep into the valley….

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Paarfotos mit Hund - Überraschung - Fotoshooting zur Verlobung - Murnau mit Bergen im Hintergrund Fotograf

Engagement Photo Shoot at Murnauer Moos

Couple Photos

Oh how I love these engagement shoots. Together with the sweet couple Melanie and Michael I made magical photos in the Murnauer Moos.

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Paarfotos im Allgäu im leeren Forggensee Fotograf Füssen

Couple photos at the Forggensee

Couple Photos

Do you know the Forggensee in the Allgäu? This is the reservoir near Füssen and the Neuschwanstein Castle… A beautiful place for couple photos.

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Paar Kuss am Meer LA

Couple Photos by the sea

Couple Photos

A gorgeous shoot by the sea at Huntington Beach – it almost doesn’t get any more beautiful than that. The two have decided quite spontaneously to make emotional couple photos.

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Freund küsst Freundin beim Paarshooting auf Dachterasse Gutschein

Above the rooftops of L.A.

Couple Photos

Kiani and Mike – what a cute couple. Above the rooftops of Los Angeles – one of my favorite cities – we did a couple shoot without further ado.

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Paarfotos im Winter Schnee Zugspitze Alpen Panorama Fotograf Garmisch

Couple photos at Lake Eibsee in the snow

Couple Photos

Couple photos in the mountains at the gorgeous Eibsee near Garmisch at the foot of the Zugspitze. The weather almost plays a subordinate role – with the dreamlike surroundings.

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Freundin umarmt Freund beim Fotoshooting in Weilheim

Couple Photos in the Snow

Couple Photos

Couple photos in the snow: So I’m enchanted – by this sweet loving couple, by the beautiful snowy landscape and by these MEGA emotional and unposed pictures….

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Paarfotos als Homestory in Murnau

Homestory Coule Photos

Couple Photos

If the weather outside should not play along, a home story shooting is exactly the right thing… We can take emotional couple photos of you anywhere.

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Pärchen auf der Brücke am Eibsee - Paarfotos am Eibsee - Fotoshooting am Eibsee

Couple Photo Shoot at Lake Eibsee

Couple Photos

An adventure at the Eibsee: After a few weather capers, we were insanely lucky. Check out these great couple photos from the July evening at the picturesque Eibsee…

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