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“A good photo is a photo
that you look at for more than a second.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Newborn Photography.

Premium Babyfotos im Fotostudio oder als Homestory in Weilheim

Unforgettable moments of a special time.

“Anna took our baby photos with such calmness, patience and enough breaks for our little sweetheart. We are thrilled.”

Your unforgettable newborn photos

The greatest happiness on earth – it’s the pictures of your baby that will remain irreplaceable forever! For your unique and authentic newborn photos I have a special room in my cozy photo studio with living room atmosphere in Weilheim, where I can photograph very different sets with you, your baby and also the siblings.

Newborn photos at your home

And if you prefer newbor photos at your home or in nature, I will of course be happy to come to you. This way we can take your baby pictures in a very relaxed atmosphere in your favourite place.

It doesn’t matter if you live in Starnberg or Garmisch – no distance is too far for your memories.

Unique Newborn Photos – just like you

As a new family you should feel comfortable and not stressed especially for the newborn photos. Therefore, with my newborn photography I attach great importance to the fact that we take our time and leave you and your sweetheart enough breaks.

This way, you will get natural and unposed memories in bright colors.

Different accessories

Of course I also have different baskets for your newborn photos, which I can decorate in your desired colors or with flowers. Just let me know in advance.

Get in Touch.
Süße und entspannte Babyfotos im Fotostudio in der Nähe von Starnberg | Starnberger See und Umgebung | Gilching | FürstenfeldbruckBaby schlaft auf dem Sofa bei Neugeborenenfotos daheim | Ihr wohnt in der Nähe vom Ammersee, in Starnberg oder dem Starnberger See, in Murnau, Penzberg oder Garmisch? Wenn euch der Weg in mein Fotostudio in Weilheim zu weit ist, komme ich für eure persönlichen und einzigartigen Babyfotos gerne zu euch.
Baby schaut unter der Decke beim Babyshooting hervor

Dear words from my Clients

Our newborn photo shoot


Anna playfully involved the big brother and helped us as parents to lower our stress level during our newborn photo shoot. The newborn photos turned out incredibly beautiful and will be a beautiful memory.

Beautiful baby pictures


We like her lovely nature. The newborn photos with our junior were also very relaxed and uncomplicated and sensational family photos with big sister were created. We like her friendly, relaxed personality and are thrilled with your photos, which always capture such beautiful and unique moments for us.

We have felt completely comfortable


We were there with the whole family for a newborn photo shoot. The children were also thrilled. Even our daughter (who absolutely does not like photos) was motivated by Anna’s lovely way so great that really beautiful photos have come out! We are totally happy to have found such a great photographer, and are already looking forward to the next photo shoot!

Authentische Babyfotos bei euch zu Hause in Weilheim, Starnberg, am Starnberger See oder in Penzberg: Ich komme für ungestellte Babyfotos gern zu euch nach Haus. Und wenn ihr lieber zu mir in mein Fotostudio kommen möchtet, freue ich mich, euch in Weilheim begrüßen zu dürfen.Emotionale und hochwertige Babyfotos im Fotostudio in Weilheim
Baby schläft beim Fotoshooting in Murnau

The art of newborn photography is to capture the small moments of happiness for eternity.

Newborn Photos in my Photo Studio

My photo studio is not just a studio, but feels like a cozy home. A home with lots of space for you, your baby and big brothers and sisters.

Newborn photos in my photo studio

The photo studio not only ensures coziness through loving accessories and huge window areas, but also always offers the absolute feel-good temperature for your little ones.

Endless possibilities

For your baby, I have also conjured up many different places to capture your memories in precious and irreplaceable baby photos and very different images. You can decide what you like best for your pictures. Either quite clean and reduced to you and your baby or quite cuddly in bright boho style or even in the popular vintage look.

Living room atmosphere with play corner

For the big siblings there is a separate play corner with many different toys. In addition, I always have snacks for the little big ones there, in case a little “power” is needed during the shooting.

Space for breaks

And if you and your baby need a little break from your newborn shoot, feel free to retreat to one of the other rooms for breastfeeding or feeding or just cuddling.

Easily accessible

And if you have a slightly further journey for example from Garmisch, Tutzing or even Starnberg, that’s no problem at all. Since I have reserved parking spaces in front of the door, you don’t have to look for long – and you can feel right at home.

Let's Talk.

Newborn Photos at you place

For your newborn photos I will also come to your home. So you have an absolute all-round feel-good photo shoot.

Your Homestory

For your home story I will gladly come to your home. This way we can easily and relaxed take pictures in your cozy four walls. I’m happy to come to you – whether in Munich, Starnberg, Tutzing or even Garmisch.

Your baby is restless? With a lot of calm all works out.

Even if your baby is cranky in the first time, you can be sure that we will create many magical photo memories based on my years of experience.

Based on this experience as a baby photographer and my own son, you can be sure that I know how to deal with a restless, not wanting to sleep baby. With the necessary calmness and composure, you and your baby will have an absolutely stress-free baby shoot at your home as a home story.

Newborn photos in familiar surroundings

Your advantage with a home story is that your baby does not have to leave its familiar surroundings for the newborn photos. Also, you don’t have to pack a change of clothes or accessories for specific desired pictures and bring them to my photo studio.

I often hear that your own apartment or house is not suitable. Let’s talk without obligation about the possibilities at your home

Your Homestory.

Your Quesions

Information around your newborn photos

“We were totally insecure at the beginning. But Anna quickly dispelled all doubts with her professional and absolutely lovely personality…”

Questions & Answers

When is the best time for newborn photos?

From experience, the first two weeks of life are best for “real” newborn pictures of your baby. During this time they are still sleeping a lot. But beautiful baby photos can also be taken after that – for example, when you can already lift your head.

When should we call for an appointment for newborn photos?

Unfortunately our little angels don’t always follow the calendar, so you should contact me when the little treasure is still in the belly. Then I can best plan your appointment for your baby photos.
Of course, I always keep appointments for babies free at short notice.

What do we do when our baby cries all the time?

We take the time it needs for your baby photo. It doesn’t matter if your little one needs a little refreshment or a reassuring hand from you as parents. Being a mom myself, I know all too well how important that is.

Do you have accessories for the pictures?

Basically, my baby photos stand for a clear and relatively clean style. Nevertheless, I have of course accessories such as baskets or blankets for your photo shoot. If you have special wishes for decoration, just let me know and let’s discuss the details for your baby photo shoot.

What should our baby wear for the photos?

In principle, you don’t need much for your baby. The most beautiful newborn photos are taken when the baby is naked anyway. In addition, I also have many cute and neutral baby outfits in my shooting wardrobe, from which you can borrow something free of charge at each photo shoot with your baby.

Can the sibling be in the photos?

Absolutely. In my eyes, these are the most important pictures – those special moments when big brother or big sister snuggles up to your offspring are irretrievable.

Do you travel to Munich, Starnberg or even Garmisch?

Again and again I drive to my customers in the area of Munich, Starnberg – but also as far as Garmisch I come regularly. Even though I have a photo studio in Weilheim, I am of course happy to come to you, so you do not have to drive.

Drop me a line.

Unique Moments

Detailfoto von Babyfüßen beim Babyshooting in Landsberg

Authentic memories

Newborn Photos

Baby photos are unique and irretrievable memories of a time that passes far too quickly. They capture these incredible moments forever.

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Ablauf eines Baby Fotoshootings bei mir in Fotostudio in Weilheim

Your Newborn Photo Shoot

Newborn Photos

Here you can read how a baby shoot for you can go with me in the photo studio. I have simply put together some information so that you can learn more about it…

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Familie kuschelt zusammen mit ihrem Baby bei Baby Fotos in Weilheim

Baby Photos in new Photo Studio

Newborn Photos

I recently had the pleasure of opening my new photo studio in Weilheim. And this young family I was one of the first to welcome to their baby photo shoot.

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Babyfotos als Homestory zu Hause, zusammen mit dem Hund vor dem Sofa

Newborn photos at home in Herrsching

Newborn Photos

The little feet, the hands… A baby is always a miracle. I was so happy to be able to visit this family in their very wonderful home in Herrsching for their baby photos.

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Erstes Familienfoto mit dem neugeborenen Baby

Newborn Photo Shoot

Newborn Photos

Sonja and Michi trusted me again after their wedding and the baby belly pictures and I was allowed to capture the wonderful newborn photo shoot for the two of them at their home.

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Süße Babyfotos zu Hause in Schongau - Baby schläft - Lichterkette als Deko

Newborn photos in Schongau

Newborn Photos

Just 8 days after the birth I was allowed to visit new parents in Schongau to capture baby photos as memories of the first days…

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Drei süße Drillinge Babys liegen auf dem Sofa und lachen in die Kamera

Newborn Photos Shoot with Triplets

Newborn Photos

Three babies at once: This was also a very special task for me this time. In this sweet baby shoot I was allowed to photograph triplets.

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Papa Füße und Baby Füße - Echte und wunderschöne Fotos zu Hause

Homestory Newborn Photos in Weilheim

Newborn Photos

Together with longtime, very dear clients, we created this magical newborn photo-homestory of them and their baby in Weilheim…

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Babyfotos mit dem Familienhund - Hund schaut in die Kamera

Baby photos with the dog

Newborn Photos

Little Hanna brought her best friend, dog Frieda, to her very first baby photo shoot with her parents. Both of them were just true models…

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Baby schläft mit Kuscheltiere auf weißer Strickdecke

Baby Theresa and the geese

Newborn Photos

Everyone who knows me knows that I like simple and emotional baby photos. But of course you can also bring your favorite cuddly toys.

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Lachendes Baby im Fotostudio Babyfotos in Starnberg

Baby Photo Shoot with 4 months

Newborn Photos

This little darling was born shortly before the Corona outbreak and the associated lockdown. Conceivably unfavorable conditions for a newborn photo shoot…

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Mama und Baby bei Babyfotos

Baby Photos at home

Newborn Photos

Again and again I am asked whether I also come to your home for baby photos. Usually it is too stressful for the new parents to come to the photo studio in Weilheim.

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Baby mit Eukalyptus - Fotograf Starnberg Babyfotos

Newborn Photos with Friend

Newborn Photos

I can still remember the exact day my best friend told me she was pregnant. I was so happy for her….

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Newborn Baby Foto im grauen gestrickten Strampler - Garmisch

Newborn pictures – You are here.

Newborn Photos

As you know, I love the reduced, natural photography style in my private life. And also as a baby photographer I find that newborn pictures look beautiful with it.

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Eltern sitzen mit ihrem Baby auf dem Sofa - Homestory Fotoshooting - Fotograf Starnberg

Homestory Newborn Photos

Newborn Photos

Wonderful baby photos in the familiar environment, in which you and especially your newborn treasure feel most comfortable – your baby photos as a home story.

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Zwillinge schlafen bei Babyfotos - Fotograf Weilheim

Newborn Photos with Twins

Newborn Photos

This year the two are already my third pair of twins… You can not imagine how much I was happy about this again as a photographer.

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Babyfotos im Fotostudio Fotograf aus Weilheim

Newborn Photo Shoot – memories forever

Newborn Photos

Especially in the first months our little angels develop so fast: they discover the new world around them, they start to look, to crawl – to explore the world.

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Familie mit neugeborenen Baby Fotograf Weilheim

Newborn Photos in Weilheim

Newborn Photos

This little man conquered my heart in an instant – even though he was slumbering peacefully for the first hour at this newborn shoot in Weilheim.

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Eltern halten großes Baby im Arm

Baby photos from 2 to 6 months

Newborn Photos

Baby photos between the second and sixth month are something very special, because the little ones are already exploring the environment – and at the same time still quite in need of cuddling.

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Cleane Babyfotos auf einem Bett

Very Special Family Moments

Newborn Photos

For several years now, I have been privileged to accompany this special family on their journey – this time with newborn photos of their sweet little daughter.

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