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Wedding photography in Munich

Wedding Photos

Braut und Bräutigam laufen über die Straßenbahnschiene in München

Originally planned as a free wedding ceremony, we spontaneously switched to the city of Munich for these wedding photos due to the weather forecast. And it was worth it.

2020 is probably a year that demands a lot of spontaneity and compromise from us. There’s probably no one this year who hasn’t had to change, cancel or postpone plans. But some things you’ve had to postpone or reschedule may end up being a lot cooler than you thought. Be open to all compromises… life doesn’t always go according to plan and Plan B is often unique too….

That’s how we felt about this inspiration shoot. What was initially meant to be a wedding photo shoot in the countryside, ended up being quite different. For a long time I have had on a free wedding ceremony on a flower meadow surrounded by mini-shettys in my head. And everything was already organized: The location near Lake Starnberg was chosen, the lovely Kathi Heddrich from LiebesJa was going to lead through the free wedding ceremony and I had also already organized some great vintage loam furniture and decoration from Mia Zwoa. With the dear Loretta, who mainly does braided hairstyles, you can also find hair wreaths and dried flowers for your wedding in her store. In fact, she provided us with decorations and wedding bouquets made of dried flowers.

The Munich White wedding dress and suit were selected and coordinated for the occasion.

We were all more than thrilled. With super sunshine, we looked at the weather forecast for the following photo shoot day and hoped until the end that it would be different from what was announced: heavy rain throughout the day. But it should not change.

Since due to our full calendar a postponement was not an option, we have summarily on the photo shoot day simply everything around and spontaneously moved the wedding photo shoot to Munich, since we would have had there also to the emergency enough roofs and shelters for any weather. Of course, we had to do without the free wedding ceremony and the ponies here – but we’ll definitely make up for that.

After the models were styled by the lovely Angela Belaj in her Munich studio, we immediately went out to take pictures. There was a short rain break predicted for Munich, which we definitely wanted to take advantage of.

Of course, wedding photos in the rain are also incredibly beautiful. But if we can “choose” it, we prefer to take sunshine.

We started in the heart of Munich. In the small streets between the Hofbräuhaus and the Residenztheater, there are really so many beautiful corners that I myself have never seen before – and that, although I actually live near Munich.

See for yourself what came out of the wedding photos in Munich. We all had a lot of fun, were fully motivated and had in the end even for the entire shooting dreamlike weather (at Lake Starnberg, however, it rained probably the whole afternoon).

So Plan B was definitely the right choice.

Angela Belaj make-up artist:
Vintage furniture and decoration by Mia Zwoa:
Dried flowers and bridal bouquet by Loretta:
Wedding dress by Munich White:

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