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“A good photo is a photo
that you look at for more than a second.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Beginner Workshops.

Fotoworkshop für Einsteiger

The beginning may be quite easy.

Better photos faster

When I started taking pictures, I had an SLR camera and first took pictures in automatic mode.

But I wanted to get away from that quickly. Through tedious book reading I found out how to leave the automatic mode and practiced and improved through a lot of learning by doing.

But believe me, it really is easier: if I had found a workshop back then where I could have learned all this with fun, love and passion, I would have taken great photos so much faster.

And that’s exactly why I would like to pass on my great passion to you. And the whole thing is not boring, but we do it with lots of practical exercises and fun.

In my photo studio in Weilheim, we have plenty of space to first deal with the theory. And then it goes directly to the practical exercises.

With many practical examples, you will be confident in using your camera after the workshop and take much better pictures. In addition, you will leave the automatic mode behind.

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You often wonder...

…why your pictures are always blurred?
…how do you get your kids to want to take pictures?
…why the perspective of your photos is always so strange?
…what ISO, aperture and shutter speed actually mean?
…how to get photos exactly the way you want them?
…how you can take better photos than with your cell phone?
…how to take harmonic pictures?
…what else is in your new, great camera and what it can do?

One-on-One CoachingGroup Coaching.
Besser werden und schneller ans Ziel kommen als Fotograf durch intensives Coaching

Simply take better photos

Pack your Camera

In my beginner workshops, I address your individual questions and show you what you need to do so that you can also achieve better results. This starts with the settings on your camera and goes on to tips and tricks to create images much more impressive.

Words like ISO, aperture or shutter speed are no longer terms that make you frown.

I’ll explain how it all works together and help you take much better photos with your camera.

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Einzelworkshop Gruppenworkshop für Fotografen in Weilheim


I will be happy to help you in the hobby or beginner area in a one-on-one coaching.

No matter which aspect of photography you are most interested in or what you would like to develop further: I will help you to achieve your goal without lengthy, dry theory.

In advance we will discuss your wishes and ideas, according to which I will then work out a coaching concept for you personally and tailored to your needs. I will also gladly take care of a model, with whom we can then practice what we have learned.

The coaching will take place in my well-equipped photo studio in Weilheim. Of course, there are also beautiful, very diverse photo spots within walking distance (nature or industrial) – so that we can respond to you individually there as well.

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Group Coaching

In a personal group with a maximum of 5 participants, I will teach you photography in a practical way. You will first learn to understand your camera. Then we go into the basics of photography. Equally important are image composition and the use of light.

Accompanying the theory, there will also be many practical exercises for you in my photo studio in Weilheim, so that we can immediately put into practice what we have learned.

Date: on request
Duration: 4 to 5 hours
Investment: 250,- EUR incl. VAT.
Location: My photo studio in Weilheim (Holzhofstr. 19 in 82362 Weilheim)
Participants: 5 participants (min. 3 participants)

Group Coaching Request.
Anna von Hafenbrädl - Premium Fotograf für eure Babyfotos in der Nähe von Starnberg



A little bit of technical knowledge is also part of photography. But don’t worry: After this day you’ll finally understand how aperture, ISO and shutter speed are connected.

We’ll also look at your camera together to get the most out of your technical capabilities.

Of course, I will also give you insights into the topic of light, image composition, posing and many other tips and tricks.


Already during the theory part I let you try out again and again what you have learned. For this, many different possibilities and space in my photo studio in Weilheim.

At the end of the workshop day you may then, for example, with a model directly implement what you have learned. Here, too, we will go into detail about how you can take natural and authentic photos. Of course, you can always ask as many questions as you like…


Together we will look at your results at the end of the beginner workshop. We will go over what you learned during the day so that you can immediately apply it in your daily life.

If you want, I can also give you a first insight into image editing and how you can get more out of your photos through a systematic post-processing.

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