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Henri Cartier-Bresson

Homestory Newborn Photos in Weilheim

Newborn Photos

Papa Füße und Baby Füße - Echte und wunderschöne Fotos zu Hause

Together with longtime, very dear clients, we created this magical newborn photo-homestory of them and their baby in Weilheim…

Quite often I am asked whether I also come home to capture unique memories of the first days with your baby. And whether I also travel further than Weilheim: Nothing better than that. Newborn photos in the context of a home story are always something very special. I love that personal touch and the coziness of your home.

Grateful for my clients

I am especially grateful when I am able to accompany my amazing clients for many years. Because of you, I get to do what I love. I have found the absolute dream job for me… But it gets even better when you give me your trust over so many years.

I have already accompanied the dear Florence and her Raphael 2.5 years ago at their dream wedding in Hochschloß Pähl, which was decorated with great attention to detail and a lot of DIY decoration.

Newborn photos after the wedding

When I got the email from Florence in September that they were expecting a child and would like to do baby belly photos, I was incredibly excited to see them again.

We had a wonderful maternity photo shoot together in the Hardt near Weilheim.

Shortly before Christmas their little darling was on his way. A few days early, but fit and lively, he wanted to be home from the hospital in time for Christmas.

Homestory – Newborn photos at home

We then made an appointment for the baby photo shoot right at the beginning of the new year. We decided on a wonderful homestory, so newborn photos at home. Full of excitement, I drove to the three of them and was so happy to meet the little guy in person… What a sweet little boy.

Again, for me, it is absolutely a matter of the heart to photograph the feelings of you to your baby. Of course, your newborn may also pose all alone for his first pictures. I love to bring blankets, baskets or accessories and together we will choose your favorite colors.

Precious memories of the first days

Look at him…I couldn’t get enough of him and am totally in love. Together with mommy and daddy he got very precious memories of his first days of life. The three of them cuddled a lot and these great baby and family photos were taken.

For me it is always totally important that there are lots of individual portraits of the baby, but also the relationship of dad and baby and mom and baby are important individually and of course together as a family.

And of course, my absolute favorite photos can’t be missing from a home story: Detail photos of baby’s feet….

Do not miss the moment to hold the tiny little feet and hands forever. Time goes by so fast and your little newborn has already become a real baby and then soon a toddler.

The right time for baby photos

By the way, the best time for newborn photos is within the first two weeks of life. Most of the time, they still sleep a lot and are therefore very easy to care for during the baby photo shoot. And if they are hungry for a short time, then that is of course no problem. In their own 4 walls, they are always very quickly calmed down and on it goes.

So feel free to contact me already during pregnancy. I will then make a note of your birth date and so you will certainly get an appointment within the first two weeks. I am happy if you give me your trust and I may hold this irretrievable time for you.

And a huge thank you to my parents who allow me to share these very special photos with you. THANK YOU – that really means a lot to me.

You would also like to book your personal photo shoot or have questions how your photo experience could look like? Get in touch without any obligation and let’s talk.

Let's talk.

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