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“A good photo is a photo
that you look at for more than a second.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Family Photos at Lake Starnberg

Family Photos

Familienfotos auf einem Steg am Starnberger See

We met at one of the family’s favorite places on Lake Starnberg. And there I could fully let off steam as a photographer with the family: And how!

What a cool idea. Michi gave his wife for her birthday a voucher from me for family photos.

After the weather literally threw a spanner in the works for the first two dates we arranged, it worked out on the third try. We met at one of the family’s favorite places on Lake Starnberg. We were lucky, because the lake was not so busy at that time. Therefore, we were able to let off steam: And how!

Check out these two adorable, sweet yet sassy kids. I think the family photos reflect all of their characters.

But even as a foursome, you can tell the family works perfectly as a team. In my eyes, everything was just right in this photo shoot.

The styling was perfect among themselves. It does not always have to be uniform – but if all are dressed in the same colors, but still also with different patterns – it loosens up the photos yet and they seem absolutely natural and authentic.

With such a sweet, sympathetic and positive family, who participated in every nonsense, the time just flies by.

I simply love my job as a photographer…

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