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“A good photo is a photo
that you look at for more than a second.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

High-quality and clean Business Portraits

Business Photography

Hochwertige, mit euch abgestimmte Businessportraits für euren professionellen Auftritt im Netz

In my photo studio, we have endless possibilities for high-quality and modern business photos that express your personality and professionalism.

My photo studio in Weilheim offers the perfect opportunity for high-quality, modern business portraits that perfectly capture your professionalism and personality. Regardless of the time of year or the weather, I can create clean and modern business portraits that focus on you and your company or service.

Consistent and high-quality look for your online presence

The clean business photos that we create together will give your homepage or website a unique and high-quality look. Together, we will develop and refine the branding for you and your brand that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Versatile possibilities and use of the photos

These business photos are not only perfect for your website, but can also be used as social media content to strengthen your presence online and give your company a professional appearance on social media.

You in motion – your personal image video

If you want, we can not only create business portraits, but also shoot an image video in which you introduce yourself and your company or service to potential customers. This allows you to communicate your message even more effectively. Together we will create the concept for your image film and then implement it professionally. My photo studio also offers many opportunities to shoot and realize a wide variety of scenes.

How you get your professional business photos

After your inquiry, we will contact you by phone to discuss your initial wishes and ideas. Based on this, we will create a completely individual concept that suits you and your business 100%. The locations and possibilities for the pictures will be selected individually to present your professionalism and personality in the best possible way. If my photo studio is not the right location, I have many alternative options where we can let our creativity run free.

Perfect for different industries

In my photo studio, we have already created branding photos and image films for a wide range of professions. No matter what industry you work in, I can provide you with business portraits that express your individuality and professionalism.

In this photo shoot, for example, we focused on the coaching services offered by Marie, who is currently expanding her business as a lecturer in communication and rhetoric.

Invest in yourself or your company with modern and high-quality business portraits or image films. Let’s focus on the essentials together and convince your customers of you.

You would also like to book your personal photo shoot or have questions how your photo experience could look like? Get in touch without any obligation and let’s talk.

Let's talk.

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Photography is the story that you can not put into words.

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